Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tree planting

Last week, 16 trees were planted on the property, bringing the total to 37 trees planted over the last 4 years.  Most of the trees planted this fall were around the tennis courts, breaking up the industrial look of the tennis court fencing.

Near the courts we planted - Black Gum, Crabapple and Spruce.  On the course we planted a Beech, Maple and Honey Locust. 
As areas open up through tree removals, we evaluate the spot to determine if a new tree needs to be planted.  Our goal is to maintain the look and feel of FCC and it's many mature trees into the next century.  Tree planting is the ultimate 'long term' strategy to beautify the course.  Someday, your grandkids will benefit from the trees that we are planting today.