Friday, November 6, 2015

Bunker sand installation

Yesterday we started the installation of sand in the bunkers on 10, we have one half of a bunker left.  The sand was installed at 6" in depth, by spring the sand will have had a chance to compact and will be around 4" in depth.

The guys left for the day quite tired and sore, having moved 40 tons of sand around by hand on Thursday.  We have another 15 tons left to install.
Below shows the progression of the 10th hole over the last few weeks.

Pre-project, October 14

After sand removal, October 16

Bunker shaping, October 21

Sod installation, October 23

Sand Installation, November 5
If we dry out later today, we may be able to finish the sand installation.  Next week we hope to tackle the task of sodding the tee surface, the sod for this will be coming off the 10th fairway that will no longer be needed due to the shortened hole.