Tuesday, March 10, 2015

View from the tee

There are only a handful of golfers at FCC that play from the back tees, not too many people notice the view or obstructions from back there.  I make it a point during the season to assess the view and openings from the tee boxes, this has led to certain tree removals and recently some tree pruning.

The opening between the two Maples on 11 tee was narrowing.  From the back tee, the window was becoming unplayable.

After 15 minutes of trimming, we now have 2 decent trees that frame the hole.  I get a kick out of pruning - making good trees into great trees.
Another view from the tee that wasn't improving on its own was on 12.  From the tee boxes, the two Spruce on the right blocked the entire path to the back bunker and was also impeding the view of the magnificent Oak.
We've removed the two Spruce, your ball can now travel on a path and land in a place intended and designed for that tee shot and green - a bunker or the green bank vs. knocked down by a tree a few yards from a bunker.