Thursday, March 19, 2015

A little extra help today

As I stated yesterday in my post, we have a fair amount of sticks to pick up every spring.  Today we got an extra little boost, our great friends from Blanchard Valley Center came over to lend us a hand.

Molly and Nichole were the ones that didn't mind getting out in the cold and getting some fresh air.

Ron helped the ladies, giving them great tips on how to properly hold a shovel.  We appreciate their happy spirits and great attitude, they truly are hard workers.  We hope to see them again next week.

On another note, 50 tons of sand was delivered today in preparation for our upcoming greens aerification on March 30.  As I look at the forecast today my hope is to mow fairways next Monday / Tuesday, mow greens for the first time next Tuesday, aerify fairways next Wednesday before the rain hits, then aerify greens the following Monday.