Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ash tree removal along #2

On Tuesday we brought in our tree service experts, A & E Sowers, to help us remove some very large trees.  We complete the majority of our tree removals in-house, but when we can't take the tree down safely, the help of a company with all the right equipment is needed.

The first removal was the large Ash just to the left of #2 green.  This Ash has been in decline for the last few years and was on the list to be removed last winter, but due to weather conditions, we could not get to it. 
This tree was 120 years old, most likely one of the 5 oldest trees on the property.  I hate to see large trees go down just as much as the next person, but when a tree like this only has half the tree leaf out during the growing season, you know it has met the end and quickly becomes a safety hazard.

Before picture looking at the tree line left of #2 green.

There were 6 trees along the creek, left of #2 that were removed, all were in serious decline.  4 were Ash, 1 hollow Maple and 1 busted Buckeye from a storm last Fall.  We also removed the extremely large Maple between #1 green and #18 tee based on the recommendation of our Arborist and feedback from the Grounds Committee.
Removing one of those large trees is a good days work by most standards.  By setting up an efficient system and with FCC providing extra hands, we removed 7 trees in 8 hours, 5 of those being of significant size.  On Wednesday we spent the day grinding away the stumps of those trees.  The grindings from the Maple alone filled 2 1/2 dump trucks.