Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tree removals

Last winter was not conducive for removing trees, this winter has been more comfortable and has allowed us to catch up on needed removals.  We've had multiple Ash trees decline over the last few years and will continue to see the slow decline.  With that in mind, it is inevitable that most of our Ash will be removed over time.

This Ash was on the right side of 13 approach.

One of the more noticeable removals will be this Ash.  This was the large tree on the inside corner of the fairway on 10, left side.
Other notable Ash removals this year included 4 trees along the right side of 3 fairway, the large Ash between 3 approach - 4 tee, also 3 Ash on the inside corner of 11 fairway near the bunker.

Winter, enjoy it before is leaves us!