Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More criminal damage

This morning we were greeted with an interesting surprise. 
11 green was tore up around the cup along with a few choice words.  The flagsticks and flags from #10 and #11 were missing and a tee marker from #9 was gone.
I apologize for not being able to get rid of the writing - it just needs to grow out.  Usually, anything done to try to cover it up just makes the writing look worse and draws attention to it.  The words should be gone after the weekend.

There was also a few items thrown into the pool.

Findlay PD came out and took pictures and will file a report.  I am having the officer request more patrols in the area during the evening hours.  His thought is that more patrols will not help much,  therefore we will be looking into costs for motion detector lighting and a security camera system.