Friday, August 15, 2014

Being "green"

Some of you have already read the article in Saturday's Courier about water usage on golf courses.  If you didn't catch it, here is the link:

Courier Article

I appreciate John's article.  While everyone may have their political views or agendas on the environment and water usage - nobody can dispute the facts and John did a great job reporting facts and not biased information.  Here are the facts for FCC to reiterate the article:

1. FCC is home to a variety of wildlife from the bottom of the food chain all the way to top.  This is a great example of a healthy environment that is thriving from the insects, squirrels, rabbits and birds up to the deer, foxes and hawks.

2.  An independent lab test has confirmed that the water coming out of the drain tiles is cleaner than the water being applied for irrigation.  FCC is a 150 acre filter for the Blanchard River.  Healthy turf is a natural filter, trapping sediment and using the nutrients suspended in the water.

3. We employ handwatering techniques and the latest technology in wetting agents to make small amounts of water go further.  There are more problems with overwatering vs. drier conditions.  Therefore, excessive amounts of water are not used.  Moderate amounts of water are applied via irrigation as needed to maintain plant health.  Without healthy turf, runoff and soil movement increases, making light amounts of irrigation not only necessary for playing conditions but also a good environmental practice if rain is not in adequate supply.
In the end, we all agree: Do what we can to make this a better place!