Thursday, August 7, 2014

Grounds staff golf outing

As I alluded to in an earlier post, the Grounds staff is starting to shrink already for the season.  Before all the seasonal staff starts to leave for school, we wanted to show the staff our appreciation for their hard work this summer.  On Wednesday we completed our morning assignments and then got the chance to enjoy the course from a different perspective!

Jordan, Phil, Vinnie and Evan

Ethan, Adam, Dan and Jarred

Julian, Drew, Brandon and Tyler

Jason, Eric, Myself and Danny

Following the 18 hole scramble golf outing, we had a cookout at the shop. 
After the Ohio Junior Championship in June, the OGA sent us a large box of steaks to say "Thank You".  We finally got a chance to grill these.  But to feed 17 hungry guys takes a bit of food.  One of our very generous members at FCC sponsored our event and cookout.  He was very appreciative of the hard work the guys put in this year and wanted to acknowledge them.  We were able to treat the Grounds staff right.

We set up a buffet in the shop.

Had to get a picture of Wayne in here, he didn't play golf, but sure enjoyed the food.
I am extremely thankful and proud of the crew this year, they did an outstanding job.  While we didn't have any major storms or floods, maintaining a golf course is hard work no matter what you're doing.  The entire staff raised up to the challenge and gave the members a wonderful golf course this year.  Great job men and thank you!