Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tree work

With the extremely cold temps, the ground has finally froze enough to get some large equipment out on the course.  We had a tree care company come in and do some work for us.  They fell the Spruce next to #2 green, pruned the large Oak and Elm trees by #16 green / #17 tee, and they ground the stumps of the trees that have been removed thus far.

Taking the Spruce down.

There was a very narrow window where the tree could fall, we had a company cut this one down for us.  90% of the tree removals we do in-house.

The view of #2 green this morning.  I think it looks great.

Stump grinding, once the snow melts we can begin cleaning these up.

Trimming some of our mature trees to allow more sunlight to penetrate through the canopy.  #16 green bank will be healthier and thicker now.  Again, 90% of the trimming we can do in-house, but there are a few mature trees that need to be trimmed up higher than we can reach and safely work on.  

The Elm by #17 tee before the trimming.

After the trimming.  #17 tee will be healthier due to the increase in sunlight.

We also trimmed up the Oak between the putting green and #12 green.  This will help bring in morning sunlight to the practice putting green.  This year I focused on trimming up the trees that needed it to promote healthy turf.  Next year I want to focus on trimming some of the large trees around the back of the clubhouse to provide better viewing of the landscape from the back patio.