Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shop renovation

Then past two weeks, part of our attention has been spent on renovating the workshop within our maintenance building.  We started this project before the rains hit 10 days ago, we knew it would be to wet to get anything done on the course, so we decided the timing was right.   We did a total transformation - taking everything out of the room, cleaning, painting and reorganizing items as we brought them back in.  Here is some idea of what it looked like before:

When I took these pictures, we had stuff laying all over because we were cleaning out our parts room.  Normally it doesn't look this cluttered, but it does give you an idea of the feel of the room.

Below is the process we took to get to the finished product:

Before we started.

Taking everything out of the room.

Taking the old insulation down from the ceiling.

Adding plywood and decent insulation to the ceiling.

Cleaning everything, Eric is cleaning the duct work.

Painting the ceiling with a sprayer.

Painting the walls.

We painted the equipment lift black and the floor was painted with an epoxy.

Finished product looks great.

We started using it today.