Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tree removal

This morning while we had hard frozen ground, we took down the large Spruce tree back left of #17 green.  This tree was approved to be removed this year to provide better growing conditions to the green.  This large Spruce shaded the back corner of the green, had roots the went into the green, always dropped debris onto the green and limited air flow around the green.  While it will definitely change the look of the hole, it will be for the better, just as you have seen in the past with #6 green and #12 green.

Before the removal this morning.

A few hours after.

The grounds staff does a great job getting the trees down and cleaning them up efficiently.

You may think that with the warmer weather the past few days that we would be able to accomplish a lot on the golf course.  The opposite is actually true.  With the melting and the thaw of the ground, the course has become very soft and muddy.  Any traffic that we put on the course results in ruts and muddy tracks.  Therefore, we do a few things outside when the ground has froze back up (like this morning) and in the afternoon we spend our time inside the shop getting things done.  Today we just started doing a major overhaul of our Equipment Technician's shop.  We are installing a new ceiling, adding insulation, painting everything and cleaning.  I'll post some pictures as we get things done.