Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rain day project

This past Monday was another rainy, cold and windy day.  We got .6" here at the course.  As stated in an earlier post, we are now into winter projects and when we can't be outside - we get things done inside. 

Our maintenance building has a room for chemical storage.  It also houses other items such as hoses, paint, rope and stake along with all our course supplies such as flags, flagsticks and tee markers.  This room needs to be kept at or above 40 degrees.  Many of the chemicals that we store can not freeze or they will lose their effectiveness.  We do have a very efficient heater in that room which does a great job at warming up the room, there was only one problem - it never stopped running.  While the walls are insulated around this room, the ceiling was not.  In fact there was not a ceiling, it was wide open up to the metal roof.  All of our heat was escaping very easily out of the building.  The past two days we put up plywood for a ceiling in this chemical room along with insulation on top of the plywood.  I went in the room this morning, usually I would find a drafty room with a the heater running.  Today I found a warm cozy room with no drafts and THE HEATER WASN'T RUNNING!

There was no ceiling, only a metal roof.  Very inefficient.

First thing we had to do was get rid of the junk stored in the rafters.

We then put up plywood and insulation.

We had to rent a lift to get the job done safely and quickly.

Finished job.  I can tell a big difference.

These types of projects are not budgeted.  Throughout the year we have been able to save money and stay under budget.  If I continue to stay under budget over the course of a season I like to tackle projects such as this.  These types of projects might not show immediate returns to the members but in the long run will only benefit the operation.  The cost of this project was relatively low compared to the savings we will see in energy costs.