Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Irrigation pumps

Last Monday, we had our irrigation pumps pulled up and sent to Toledo to get one of them rebuilt and the other pump replaced.  The pumps were installed in 2001, one of the pumps was replaced in 2006, the other pump has yet to be rebuilt or replaced.  We were starting to see the effects of the older pump wearing down.  We should be able to pump 1200 GPM, we were only able to pump 900 GPM.  This wear on the pumps is caused by the silt and sand that comes through the pumps.  The rebuilt/replaced pumps will have a dirty water kit on them to help combat excessive wear.

First step was to take the 60hp motors off.

The motors will be stored up on the service path for the winter.

We had a local company do the crane work.  We needed all the length they could get.  This spot on the lawn is the only access point to the pumps via crane.

The motors are 600lbs a piece and the pumps are 1000lbs.  Not that heavy, but still quite a load for the reach that was required.

Pulling the first pump.

They were laid on a trailer to be sent to Toledo.

Pulling the second pump.

The pumps go down twelve feet into a wet well along the river. 

You can see which pump was replaced in 2006, this pump will be rebuilt.  The older pump will be replaced.