Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Newsletter article

Unfortunately my last newsletter article got left out of the May Foreword, I can't let it go to waste, so here it is:

Well, this will be my last Foreword article I write, let me get a few business items out of the way first.  The course is in great shape for this time of year, we did end up seeing a few spots of winter damage on a couple greens but they will fill in soon.  The poa seed heads are prevalent this year due to the timing of our growth regulator applications, they will subside in a few weeks and we will be left with great greens for the remainder of the season. 

            As usual for this time of year, we can’t keep up with the rough mowing and there are too many projects to be completed for the allotted hours in the day.  The Grounds staff is firing on all cylinders, staying busy and being efficient, knocking tasks off one by one as our priority list dictates.  Soon we will be edging landscape beds in preparation for the May mulch delivery and the annuals that will be coming soon after. 

            I was looking forward for this upcoming summer as I feel we are in a really good place regarding course conditions, we had a few small projects on our list to complete, and the staff coming in this year is the best I’ve had.  Speaking of staff, the guys and gals on our grounds team are great people, they care about FCC and truly want to provide a great product.  It has been a pleasure teaching, leading, learning from, and working alongside this team. 

            FCC is a special place, I will miss it.  You, the members have treated me well and provided abounding support.  I will miss the early morning sunrises over the driving range, the friendly waves from golfers, the ladies that comment on the landscaping, the staff that gets my quirks, the opportunity to work with the Board and Committees, and the look of a perfectly manicured course even if it only lasts for one day.  I will be back to visit as I am invested in this property.  It would be hard not come back to see how our trees have grown, how the landscaping has matured and how the staff has improved upon what we have worked so hard to get. 

            Normally I would end an article by saying ‘check out the grounds blog for updates’, I can’t say that here.  I’ll end it with; thank you for giving me the opportunity to be FCC’s Superintendent.