Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Greens aerification completed

Yesterday we aerified all the greens, the unofficial end to another great season.  When we aerify we use ample sand to fill in all the holes, this sand will be present for quite some time - until the grass grows through the sand.  Some years this may be 10 days, other years the sand is there until next spring.

Monday, we started the day off early be applying a heavy coat of sand to the greens while it was still dark.  At first light, we double aerified the greens - once with a 'deep tine' machine making holes 3/4" round by 10" deep, and once with our machine, going 4" deep.

After the sand is dry, we drag the greens, apply more sand and continued to drag the sand around, filling in the holes.

We are now starting to smooth the greens by rolling. 
Overall, this aerification went great, the greens will be in good shape heading into winter and we are looking forward to another great season in 2017. 

As we inch closer to winter we are starting to make preparations for the end of the season.  All the annual flowers have been pulled, next on our list is chopping down all the perennials.  Today we removed all the tee markers from the course allowing us to be more efficient with our limited labor this time of year.  Feel free to use any part of the tee as you play for the remainder of the year.