Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bunker project started

The new fairway bunker on 11 has started.  After some delay waiting for an available date by the contractor, we are now ready to roll.  The contractor (shaper) will be here Monday to implode the existing bunker and shape the new bunker.  If you get the chance to walk out there soon, you will see red flags marking the perimeter of the new bunker. 

All the sod around the existing bunker and around the new bunker was cut today.  We will begin to remove the sand and all the necessary sod on Thursday and Friday.  Monday, the Shaper and Architect will do their thing and we will be right behind them laying new sod, installing drainage and adding sand.  If the weather is cooperative, we should have everything relatively wrapped up by the end of next week. 
 We will also be re-grading the old forward tee on 10, removing the 'tee' landform and shaping it to fit the surrounding area.