Friday, September 30, 2016

September update

While growing in the rough around #10 this year, we had carts follow our rope to the fairway.  This allowed the rough to grow in but created a small dirt path due to all the traffic.  This shows just how much damage can be done to a course because of carts, and also shows how important rope and stake can be to the health of the course.  It also tells us that installing the path around the new tees was the right decision.  I can't imagine the muddy mess we would have had if the path wasn't installed this past spring. 

This week, before the rain hit, we aerified the dirt path, seeded and fertilized it.  Before long, this area will be back to normal. 

It's not very often you see a walk mower on our greens anymore, we got it out this week to fine tune our edges.

Over the course of the summer a few of our edges have crept out.  We went around every green and painted dots on where the green's edge should be.  If needed, we scalped the edge back with the walk mower.  This areas should recover within a few weeks.