Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday update

Thank you for allowing us to accomplish more on Mondays by holding off tee times until 1:00, here is what we accomplished today:
  • Mowed range tees
  • Mowed range banks
  • Mowed range rough
  • Filled range divots
  • Blew debris off of all playing surfaces
  • Moved all tee markers, emptied trash, filled ball washers
  • Mowed greens
  • Mowed rough around all fairways
  • Mowed intermediate around fairways (short rough)
  • Blew out, repaired and raked all bunkers
  • Hauled out firewood
  • Cleaned up downed tree on 16
  • Repaired asphalt patch by 1/2 way house
  • Fertilized all greens with two products
  • Sprayed for ant control on the practice green
  • Sprayed all tees with wetting agent
  • Sodded out thin spots on 8, 10 and 16 fairways
  • Edged all tee plaques
  • Raked out landscape beds that were damaged by storms
  • Removed plant debris and annuals from landscaped beds
  • String trimmed the ditch on 3,5,14
  • Mowed fairways on the south side of the course