Friday, October 16, 2015

Renovation begins

The renovation work to the 10th hole has begun.  This week's activity was prep work for the bulk of the project to be done next week.  We have a Shaper coming in next week, starting Tuesday, to shape the new tees and bunkers.  The remainder of the work will be done in-house.

Soil was brought in to build a base for the new tee.  We placed it as it was coming in to gauge the amount of soil needed.  The Shaper may need to move it around and compact it, re-shaping it, next week.  After the base is built, topsoil will be added to make a finish grade.  The top of the tee will be sodded with bentgrass that will come off the current 10th fairway.

About 60 yards from the green, to the right, will be some mounding jutting out into the fairway.  Sod was stripped out yesterday, soil will be added and shaped, this area will be seeded. 
The strategic point of entry to the green will be from the right side, this mounding will make golfers think twice about using driver on this hole.

All the bunker sand was removed from the bunkers.  We saved as much sand as possible, which will be placed back into the new bunkers.  Looking at the pile of good sand that we took out, I estimate we saved $1,500 worth of bunker sand.
The sod around the bunkers will be ripped out, the Shaper will implode the current bunkers and build 4 new bunkers around the 10th green (2 will be rebuilt in the similar location, 2 will be new).
The next two weeks will be extremely busy for us as we focus on the project and greens aerification on October 26.  Course maintenance will be at a minimum to allow us personnel to complete the project.  We are currently down 3 men due to unexpected sickness/surgeries, we will do our best to keep the course playable and complete this project.