Thursday, October 22, 2015

Project update

A lot has been accomplished since my post last week.  We started the week by stripping the remaining sod in the area of disturbance, today we layed fresh sod to cover the new features.  Our Shaper arrived Monday afternoon and went right to work, at the end of the day Wednesday, the four new bunkers were completed.  By the end of the day Friday, all the features will be shaped and ready for sod and sand. 

The Shaper started moving dirt every morning by 7:00 with the aid of lights.

Today, the bunkers were edged and trenched for drainage.

The Grounds staff has been very diligent and busy with this large project.  75% of our time has been spent on the 10th hole, trying to get things done so that we can move on.  Yesterday we were busy moving an irrigation line that was in the way of a new bunker.  Today we finished edging bunkers, and started laying sod.  Friday we will focus on drainage and sod.
Next week we will be tied up with aerifying greens on Monday and Tuesday.  In between course maintenance, we will continue to work on 10 towards the end of the week.