Saturday, June 6, 2015

Leaking sprinkler

Because we pump our irrigation water out of the Blanchard River, our sprinkler heads get plugged with debris very frequently.  This can cause them to stick on or not come on at all.  Sometimes it causes the heads to bubble out water until repaired.  With over 800 heads on the property, we don't check every head for leaks on a daily basis - small leaks typically become apparent the first time someone drives over that spot.  Any major issues can be seen from a distance and get noticed fairly quickly.

This morning, a head was bubbling up on 11 fairway.  I drove through that area at 6:15am and it wasn't bad enough for me to notice a problem.  By 12:00, as the Saturday Morning Group went through, I was notified by 4 groups that there was a leak, it had been leaking for long enough to become an issue.  A quick 30 second flush and it was fixed, by tomorrow that area will be back to normal.  Thanks for the heads-up on the issue.