Friday, October 24, 2014

Tree planting

This week we were able to plant all the trees that were delivered late last week.  It's a great time of year to plant trees, the roots will still grow while the need for water and the overall environmental stress is down. 

We planted 14 trees in all.  Some of the locations may seem odd at first, but take into effect a long range view and which trees may not last much longer, it will eventually become clear.

Three 'Princeton' Elms were planted.  This variety has a moderate resistance to Dutch Elm Disease.  This Elm was planted between 10 app and 11 tee.  The Ash trees nearby won't last much longer.
This Elm is to the far right of 14 tee near the service road.
The last Elm is between 2 and 17.
This is what a mature Elm will look like - this is next to 17 tee.
This 'Autumn Fantasy' Maple is to the left of 13 fairway.

A larger Maple will look similar to these Maples along 11 fairway.
Three 'Shademaster' Honey Locust were planted, this one near the bridge on 1.

This Locust is right of 13 tee, the Pears nearby are failing and will be removed.
This Locust was planted to the right of 15 fairway about 200yds out.  A Maple next to it is being removed.

A large Locust will look like this one on 3.  I really enjoy Locust, they give you an open air canopy and filtered sunlight - great for golf courses.

This is a 'Green Mountain' Sugar Maple planted left of 13 fairway near the service road.  A few more trees along this stretch are failing, we wanted to plant a few nice trees in this area to break up the view of the range.
This Maple was planted near the bridge on 3.

A mature Sugar Maple will look like this one on 4

Two Bur Oaks were planted, this one right of 1 fairway, 150yds out.
This Oak is near 17 tee, the two Ash along 3 fairway behind it are being removed.
A large Bur Oak will look like this Oak on 16
We also planted a Scarlet Oak to the left of 17 fairway.

Two American Beech trees were planted, this one left of 11.  The trees nearby won't be around for long.

This Beech is right of 14 back tees.  A few trees nearby will be removed this winter.

One of the largest Beech trees I have ever seen is on FCC's property.  A golfer won't ever see it unless they search for their ball deep in the woods along the left of 18.

I hope someday the trees we planted will grace the proprty like this giant.