Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Greens aerification

Monday was the day for our planned fall greens aerification and what a perfect day we had.  Usually when we get those 75 degree fall days, the golfers want the course to themselves, but there are certain days where we would like to have those days as well to get things done, and we hit it just right on Monday.  All the greens were aerified, 60 tons of sand were applied and worked into the holes, the greens were rolled to start the smoothing process, all 25 acres of fairways were mowed and we had two guys mulching leaves all day - a very productive day for sure.

Because we skipped the typical late-August aerification this year, we double aerified the greens.

One set was a deep-tine aerifier, making a 3/4" hole about 10" deep.

The other set was done by our own walk-behind machine, making 3/4" holes about 5" deep, covering about 10% of our surface area.  Sand was applied prior to making the holes, allowing the tines to push the sand down.  Once the sand was dry, the surface was dragged to move the remaining sand into all the holes.