Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tree Removal

The frigid temperatures bring on its share of challenges, but it also allows us to take down trees without damaging the golf course because of the frozen ground.  The past few days have been productive for us, putting us ahead of schedule for the winter.  Yesterday we brought in help to remove some trees safely and efficiently.  We removed the 6 Cypress trees between 1 and 18 along with the dead Ash trees in the area.

Before the Cypress removal.

The morning after.  I find these types of trees undesirable on a golf course because they impede the views of the property.  We have some magnificent trees on the course but are unable to view and enjoy them because of the undesirable trees around them.  I asked the permission of the Board to remove these 6 Cypress and showcase the real beauty of this property.


The look changed dramatically once they were down.  You really get to enjoy the larger trees that were behind the cypress wall and never really noticed off the first tee.

Removing a very large Ash tree in the middle of 1 and 18.  It's unfortunate to see a beautiful tree like this go down.  But a landscape is ever changing, trees will come and go.  Old ones will die off and new ones will be planted.
I have to thank the Grounds Staff for their hard work.  They work in over 100 degree heat indexes in the summer and sub zero wind chills in the winter and are very productive.  It's part of the job and they enjoy getting things done.