Friday, December 6, 2013

Ohio Turfgrass Foundation Conference

Despite the lack of posts the last few weeks, the Grounds Department has been quite busy.  Besides the recent Thanksgiving Holiday, we have spent time on: mowing our surfaces for one last time, fertilizing all the turf before winter set in, making an application to our rough to prevent Crabgrass next season, applied a fungicide application to aid our turf in making it through the winter, completed the cleanup of all the leaves (big job), trimmed all of the shrubs in all of the landscaping on the property, cleaned out all our drains in the fairways and rough, planted 4 new trees on the property, delivered multiple loads of firewood to members, hung all the Christmas lights on the property and begun tearing apart equipment for winter maintenance.  We have recently begun our tree removal for the season, we will be putting a big dent in this project next week.

This past Tuesday - Thursday, I spent time in Columbus attending the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation's annual education conference and trade show.  As with all conferences, it great to get some insight on new research, brush up on the basics and touch base with old friends and new acquaintances.  Here is a list of the seminars that I was able to attend: Pigments and their impact on turf, Biostimulants, Wetting agents, Annual Bluegrass control, Turf fungicides, Preserving classic courses, Controlling Anthracnose, Managing Nematodes, Organic vs. Synthetic, Irrigation strategies, Controlling Annual Bluegrass Weevil, Foliar fertilization and the USGA symposium.

This conference is attended by hundreds of Superintendents from all over Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania.