Friday, October 18, 2013

Tee project

We started our tee construction project this week.  6 new tees are being built on 1,4,11,15,16 and 18.  These tees will be used for an updated gold course giving us a yardage of roughly 5670.  It will become a happy medium between the current red and the current white.

With the area in mind where the tees were going to be located, we staked out the tees and placed marks on the stakes for finished grade levels.

Soil was then added

The soil is "roughed in" and ready to be compacted.  We will spend sometime next week compacting the soil to reduce future settling and adding more soil to bring the tees up to grade.  I suspect we will be able to lay sod on the tees in a few weeks.  The tees will sit over winter and ready to be played on in the spring.