Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frost and irrigation blow out

Today was the first frost of many to come.  It looks like the next 6 days will have some sort of frost delay based on the temps that are forecast.  Traffic on frozen turf causes damage to the cells within the plant, therefore we don't allow any traffic until the threat of frost is gone.  When we have a frost delay, the grounds crew can't drive on the grass either, this is why we have lengthy delays on certain days - we need time to prepare the course for the members before they tee off. 

Today was irrigation blow-out day.  Based on the forecast, we went a little earlier than most years and blew out our irrigation system to beat the freezing temps that are coming.  Because of where our pumps sit and the fact that they are exposed to the elements puts them in jeopardy of the freezing temps.  We don't want any of the exposed piping to freeze and cause problems. 

Every head is blown out until a mist is present.

This year we had three air compressors running throughout the course.  We were able to pick up the compressors at 7:00am, cycle through the entire property twice and have the compressors returned by 3:30pm.  It was a productive day.
Tomorrow we will be blowing out our fresh water lines - the 1st tee water station, 1/2 way house, pool house, tennis courts and our wash pad.