Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Broken down equipment

A few years ago the Club made a large purchase of mowers for the Grounds Department.  All of those newer machines are running great.  Recently the Club organized a capital funding plan that will help replace equipment in the coming years.  We have a good plan, it will just take time to replace some of the items that are really needed. 

The problem I am currently having is all the equipment that wasn't replaced with the large package a few years back is really showing their age.

Our roller broke down on Sunday, the greens did not get rolled for the Old Pals event.  If it were reliable, the conditions would have been even better for the event.

Two of our large utility cart are down leaving us just the brand new utility cart that came in last week.  Jobs such as mulching and filling stumps are done less efficiently when we can't haul materials.

The sand pro that rakes our bunkers broke down last week.  We had no problem hand raking the bunkers, but it just took us longer to do the job and with more bodies.

This is the other utility cart that is down, it has a bad transmission.
As funds are allocated to us for capital we will spend wisely and replace the most needed item at that time.  We can usually work around a repair, it's just less efficient and sometimes doesn't produce a quality product that might otherwise be accomplished with the right equipment.