Monday, April 1, 2013

Greens aerification and more

We are a week behind schedule, but today we were able to get the greens aerified.  This will be a 2 day process that will continue into tomorrow.

After taking the pins out and marking all the irrigation heads, we put a layer of sand down.

We then poked 3/4" holes into the greens about 4" deep.  Once the sand dried, we dragged the sand into the holes.  Today we put down about half of the sand that is needed.  We will continue adding sand tomorrow to fill all the holes.  The greens are not growing yet and I don't expect them to start growing until this weekend.  Expect lots of sand on the greens for a few weeks.

We also started putting out the rope and stake to alter cart traffic.  Carts will be allowed starting tomorrow.

Today, a crew of guys worked on our bunkers.  All the bunkers were edged and we are in the process of pulling all the weeds and cleaning out the debris.  Tomorrow we will start fixing the washouts and raking them for the first time.