Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fairway aerification

Yesterday we were able to aerify all the the fairways.  We were supposed to aerify this coming Monday, but due to the weather forecast, we pushed it up a few days.  All the fairways were finished.  Today we will continue our cleanup efforts to remove as much debris as we can before the rain hits.

Pulling cores.

Pulverizing the cores.

Dragging the cores into the fairway.

Verticutting the fairway.  This breaks down the cores into even smaller pieces to be blown off.

Blowing the debris off the fairway.

Vacuuming up the debris along side the fairway.

Thank you for the flexibility in allowing this process to get done when the weather allows it.  We had the perfect weather scenario to get this done quickly and with minimal mess.  With this process complete, we will not have to aerify the fairways until next year.  Enjoy the rest of the season.