Thursday, February 21, 2013

Irrigation pumps installed

Today we installed our new irritation pumps.  Last fall we removed them to be serviced/replaced.  This requires a large crane to lift the 1 ton pumps over a very wide span.  Everything went well, the pumps are ready for warmer weather.

Two new pumps brought in from Toledo.

Getting set up.  This is the only location we can access the irrigation pumps that are down on the river.

Raising the 2,000 lb pump.

Bringing the pump over the trees.  It is a 115' reach with 2,000 lbs, about at the limit.

Lowering the pump into the wet well.

Getting the first pump set in place.

Second pump coming down.

Bringing the motors back down to the pumps - 1,000 lbs each.

Finished product, ready to go for the spring.