Monday, October 29, 2012

Greens aerification

I don't know which one of you is asking for bad weather every time we aerify, but it's working.  We have less than ideal conditions again for aerification.  We are currently in the process of double aerifying the greens, both with 3/4" tines, one going 4" deep, the other going 10".  Both are also solid tines, we are not pulling any cores today.  This was done to get as much sand into the holes as we can.

FCC's aerifier, 3/4" solid tines, 4" deep

Deep tine machine, 3/4" tines, 10" deep

The holes on the left are from the small aerifier.  The deep tine machine made a pass on the right.  The holes from the deep tine are more oblong because of the angle that they have to go in and out at.

We put a layer of sand down before we aerify.  This helps move some of the sand into the holes.  "If" the sand dries today, we will then drag in the remaining sand.  Over the next few weeks we will continue to add sand to fill the holes and smooth the green.

This process is going to help continue the improvement of the greens over time.  Incorporating sand into the profile will increase rooting, promote drainage, allow for air movement, decrease compaction and decrease thatch build up.  Deep tining the greens will really help with drainage and deeper rooting.  The greens will only be better next year because of what we are doing today.