Monday, October 15, 2012

Aerifying tees

Today was all about the tees.  We are in the process of aerifying them.  We started out the morning blowing the leaves off and then mowing the tee box.  We then aerified the tee, picked up all the plugs, verticut the tee box, blew off the tee and put the markers back on.  It was all hands on deck to get all this done.

Aerifying the tee.

This is our core harvester, it collects the majority of the plugs.

Some of the hard to reach tees are cleaned off by hand.

After the tee box had a chance to dry, we verticut the tee and blew it off.  This really cleans off the tee.

I would have liked to aerify the tees much earlier in the season but due to outings, weather and other maintenance that had to get done, we had to postpone the tees.  The earlier in the fall that it gets done, the more benefit we can gain from it - increase rooting before winter, decrease compaction and better air movement.  This is one reason why greens are done so early (August).