Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Green speeds

Over the course of the last few months, I have heard more than one comment and/or discussion about the inconsistency of green speeds in the past.  Please keep in mind that there are many things that come into play the affect green speeds.  Things like mowing height, rolling, soil moisture, humidity and grass growth during the day.  Some of these items a Superintendent can control, others we can't.  We try our best to be consistent, but on some days Mother Nature takes over.  I am mentioning this because I have measured green speed daily during the past two weeks and I am happy to note that during the last two weeks we have been very consistent in speed from day to day.  The deviation from my target speed has been minimal.  This is mainly attributed to the weather pattern, it hasn't changed much.  The moisture levels in the greens are very consistent from day to day and our maintenance of the greens is very routine.  My hope in the future is to not deviate from the speeds that you are currently experiencing unless Mother Nature thinks otherwise.