Thursday, May 4, 2017

Grounds update

One quick note - I will be around FCC until Wednesday, May10, working a few more days than originally planned.  With the tournament just around the corner and a large list of things we want to get done this upcoming week, it is all hands on deck.
The rain gauge currently says 1" from the rain received today.  If we continue with this slow and steady rain, the river may not be much of an issue.  If we start seeing heavy rain, especially south of us, we could easily see a lot of water on the course.

The NOAA website is calling for a crest around 11.8' in Findlay.  That would mean water on 8,9 and 18 fairways for us.

With rain outside, it meant an inside day for us.  Eric, among many other things today, ground the bed knives of our Intermediate mower, ensuring a crisp cut. 
Evan ground the reels for the Intermediate mower, and helped Jim with equipment maintenance.
Jim completed some cart repair, and serviced our rough mowers while they were idle.

Wayne installed a new washer and dryer (thanks to Evan for getting us a gently used FREE set that is a big upgrade from what we had).

As I stated earlier, we will be busy next week preparing for the NCAA tournament.  Cart path paving will get done early in the week on 11/12, and 1/2/3.  Bunkers will get edged and weeded, the course will get string trimmed, lots of mowing will need to get done, and most of the playing surfaces need to be sprayed. 
I may have time for a few more posts, but we are getting near the end!