Tuesday, May 17, 2016

To-do list

While I haven't been asked the question yet, I am anticipating it soon and therefore I would like to give everyone a quick update.  The question that might be asked is 'What is the status of the 10th hole and when can we expect the rough/fairway transition to be finished?'

Believe me, I want to get that project buttoned up as soon as we can, but there are only so many hours in the day and so many bodies in the ranks to get things done.  With an effort to keep payroll down, we are a little behind on our typical project schedule.  Normally we would be finishing up mulch by now, this year we are just getting started.  Add in the work load of the new pool area landscaping and lawn and things fall behind even more.

To give you an idea of what we tackle this time of year, here is a list of items we need to get done on a daily/weekly basis:  Mow greens, approaches, tees, fairways, intermediate, banks, rough (can't keep up) club lawn and range facilities, rake bunkers, move tee markers, empty trash, change cups, clean bathrooms, fill range divots, blow off range, clean off debris from playing surfaces, blow off clippings, vacuum up clippings, apply fertilizers and fungicides to playing surfaces, roll greens, etc. 

Next is our project list of tasks that need to get done soon.  These are the tasks we get done in our 'free' time:  Mulch all the beds, organize annual planting, fix broken irrigation heads, sod pool lawn, seed new lawns around pool and tennis, landscape pool house/tennis area, install cart path on 10, round-up old fairway on 10, seed new rough on 10, repair thin areas around 10 tee, add sand to thin bunkers, trim down trees on the river bank by the patio

Further, is our project list for when those get done: Fix water valve at the shop, repair retaining wall by pumps, fix weir on the creek on 7, repair drains on 12, level sod on 9 green, edge cart paths, sod thin areas on 8 fairway, verticut fairways, add drainage to 18, 14 and 15, repair wooden steps on 1 and 8.

Also, if we have time, we need to string trim the trees on the course, edge tee plates, paint fairway yardage plates, edge bunkers, edge sprinkler heads and spray weeds.

You can see we juggle a lot of tasks and are constantly prioritizing items.  Here is what I can tell you though to answer the question:  1. The golf course maintenance comes first  2. Mulch has to get laid so we can plant annuals  3. Pool sod is coming tomorrow to be laid  4. The new cart path is being installed next Tuesday.  5.  If we can get a big push on mulch this week, I hope to tackle 10 (rough) next week.  6.  If all goes to plan (weather included), we hope to tackle the new landscaping around the pool the 1st week of June.

Thank you for your patience.