Monday, April 25, 2016

Clippings and weeds

One of the details we focus on this time of year is the removal of clippings.  We always see a big mess when we mow this time of year due to the fast growth rate of the turf and the wet conditions (rain and dew).  Also this time of year, we get wet weather that slows our mowing down and when we do get a chance to knock the grass down it is much longer than usual.  To remove the clippings, we go out with blowers and disperse the clippings or vacuum them up when needed.  This time of year it is almost a 40 hour/week job to clean up behind mowers.

You will see us out there with blowers and vacuums more frequently than normal due to the large mess the mowers are making.

Another detail we have been focusing on is the weeds.  We saw a good die off last fall due to our spray, but weeds continue to germinate and show themselves.  We have been out a few times hitting our high traffic areas to knock down the weeds.