Monday, February 29, 2016

Master plan

As we near the beginning of the 2016 season, we are planning out our work load ahead of us to finish up the project we started last fall on the 10th hole.  This spring, our project list on #10 includes:

·         Expanding the corners of the green, allowing for more ‘tucked’ pins
·         Expanding the approach to the right according to the architects markings
·         Reseeding the old fairway to rough
·         Planting trees to the left of the start of the fairway
·         Removing the fence between the parking lot and the old 10 fairway, also adding some landscaping
·         Finishing growing in the new grass and sod
·         Installing cart paths to the new tees

The completion of these items will cap off the first piece of our Master Plan.

The project on #10 was done for a variety of reasons, including safety.  Another logical reason for starting with 10 was that this piece of the plan needed to be complete before we begin on other projects such us a new short game practice area and updated range facilities.  While these projects are still a long ways off, we are thoroughly planning and preparing for the day when it does happen. 

We are very aware that a large scale renovation on the course will not happen in the near future.  But, what we can do is small scale projects that point towards the end goal.  While a project at first may seem out of place or not carefully conceived, a review of the entire plan would say otherwise.
If you have any questions regarding the Master Plan and the end product, please don't hesitate to call me or stop by.  I would enjoy the opportunity to walk you through the entire plan.