Friday, January 15, 2016

Assistant update

The people that we have on staff in the Grounds Department are an integral part to our success.  Two key positions that I rely heavily on are my two Assistants.  We recently had a change in 2015 with one of those positions.  As you are aware, Adam Bateson moved on in August, leaving an opening.  This open position was filled rather quickly, but it has occurred to me that I never posted this information on the blog.

I have promoted Evan Riggs to Assistant Superintendent.  Evan was born and raised in Findlay, started his working career on the family farm and got his feet wet in the golf industry working at Red Hawk.  In 2013 he came to FCC as a grounds crew member, in 2014 he performed his internship here at FCC, and in 2015 he came back after graduation for a summer position.  Evan now holds the title of Assistant Superintendent, supporting myself and my Assistant Eric Lowery. 

Evan graduated from Ohio State in 2015 with a Turfgrass Management degree.  We now employ three individuals with Turf degrees - one from MSU and two from OSU.
Evan, pictured here with his girlfriend Katherine, recently took a trip out east to visit his brother out on Long Island, who also happens to be an Assistant Superintendent.  In Evan's spare time, he enjoys fabrication and wrenching - two skills we take full advantage of!