Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Upcoming Course Improvements

Those of you that have been keeping up to date with our Newsletter articles and Board minutes have noted that the Grounds Committee undertook the task of completing a Master Plan for the golf course this past winter.  The Committee sought the help of the architect firm Hills and Forrest to accomplish this, their recent work included renovations at Inverness and Oakland Hills.  Through several meetings and course tours, the Architects have supplied FCC with a comprehensive plan that will guide us through any improvement projects for many years to come.

An important goal of this Master Plan was to give us a blueprint that would help us as needs become apparent - such as moving bunkers, adding tees or tree planting and removal; but the main goal we gave the architect was to ‘Modernize the course, making it more playable for the high handicap golfer while making it more challenging for the low handicap golfers; place an emphasis on being a family friendly course’.

I am excited to state that we will be implementing a small portion of this Master Plan this fall.  This October, we will be renovating the current 10th hole.  Items to be completed include – new tees, new bunkers and changes in the fairway perimeter.  The most notable change will be the location of the new tees, moving them from their current location to slightly behind the 12th tee box.  This will no doubt make this par 4 much shorter, but with proper bunkering, it will remain a challenging yet enjoyable hole.

            The upcoming project is the first priority for the Grounds Committee, with safety being a large concern.  We feel this addresses our safety threats while also providing a great layout.  As it is part of our overall plan for improvements on the golf course, this project will integrate well with other future projects.  Upon completion of this 10th hole renovation, the green fences along the 12th tee and along the parking lot will be removed, adding more beauty to area.

            A copy of the 10th hole renovation plan as you see here shows the improvements that we will be making this fall. If you would like more information on the changes or would like to view the complete Master Plan, please feel free to contact me.  The Grounds Committee and I look forward towards the continuous improvement of Findlay Country Club and continuing the tradition as an outstanding golf destination.