Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rain totals

No pictures in this post - you've seen them all already, still squeegeeing and spiking greens.
In the last 11 days the course has seen 6.4" of rain.
In the last 50 days the course has seen 17".
The current wet trend started on May 29 and we've had very few breaks since then.  Tomorrow, more rain will add to our totals.
With this heat and humidity, disease pressure is really high.  We sprayed all the playing surfaces on Thursday with a preventive application, finishing up at 10:00pm.  I feel confident that we will fair well.  With that said, we will still see some turf loss in low lying areas that hold water.  In those areas the pressure is just too high and the turf will not be able to withstand the added water and heat.
We continue to spike greens as needed to bring oxygen into the soil.  We also raised mowing heights to reduce scalping, and decreased rolling to alleviate added pressure.  When the wet trend snaps, we will be back to normal.
The latest storm on Friday night made a mess of our bunkers, we will be repairing them on Monday.  There was a scheduled outing on Monday which has been moved to August 10.