Monday, December 1, 2014

What we've been up to:

The month of November was a busy month for us, preparing for winter, dealing with winter and trying to get rid of winter so that we can finish our late-fall projects.  We were mulching and cleaning up leaves up until the snow started flying, but the leaves didn't stop falling.  This week we are going through the property one more time to give it a final cleaning.

With no snow and dry ground, we can finally finish mulching the leaves.

The look of a clean golf course going into winter makes you smile!

The wind we had early last week made its mark.  The Grounds Staff spent a fair amount of time last week cleaning up the mess, but we still have a fair amount of sticks and debris that need to be cleaned up before we can send the mowers through to mulch leaves.

There were a few large branches that came down, this one along the creek left of #2.

This Concolor Fir along #1 blew over on Monday, it is on our removal list anyway.

A few weeks ago, we built the new forward tee on #7.  This will be sodded next spring, dropping 40yds off the hole from the gold markers, making this a much more manageable par 4 at 318yds.
Just before the snow started falling, we topdressed tees to firm them up.  A few tees have felt soft to me, to combat this, we verticut all the tees and added sand topdressing to those that needed it.  This will keep the tees firmer and provide better footing.  Because of the sand application, the tees really bruised, but there is plenty of green tissue underneath which will show itself next spring.

We are also in the process of washing all the equipment before we bring them in for service.  After a good power wash, we will bring the mowers inside to be detailed and serviced in preparation for next year.
Tree removal has begun, two large decaying trees were removed behind the club.

The center of this Oak was hollow, leaving only six inches of good wood around the perimeter.

Finally, if we can't get out on the course, we have been splitting the trees that we take down into firewood.  Speaking of firewood, we are now depleted of seasoned firewood.  The demand for firewood has been high as more and more members are taking advantage of the service.  The wood we are splitting now will be ready to burn next summer.