Thursday, September 11, 2014

Heavy Rains

3.7" of rain fell on the course yesterday and into last night.  Most of the rain came in heavy showers causing a lot of it to runoff.  This allowed the course to remain fairly playable other than the bunkers.  If we had more of a soaking rain, carts would have been restricted due to saturation, but again, most the rain ran off the property and down the drain.  We started repairing bunkers today, but most of the bunker work will have to wait until tomorrow, our day was spent on picking up debris from the storm.

Bunkers were still draining early this morning.

Most of the bunkers are washed out to some degree.

Landscape beds washed out from heavy rains.

A few fairways had to be squeegeed off.

We also had a significant number of branches down.  Most of the day was spent picking up debris.