Thursday, June 13, 2013


This past week we implemented a few changes around FCC.

Toward the back end of the driving range we added 4 new flags.  From the front of the back range tee, these flags are at 40, 60, 80 and 100 yds.  This will give you chance to practice your short irons.

We tore out some landscaping near the Clubhouse and added new bushes.

The old bushes were dying and overgrown.
Last week we started mowing fairways only in the afternoons and evenings.  We have one individual that comes in at 12:00 and works until 8:00 pm. to mow fairways.  This allows us to mow them when they are dry, therefore getting a much better cut.  This also saves us time and gas by not having to send out blowers behind the mowers.
We mowed down 5 spots to test out a new "Gold" course.
Our current Gold course is only 80yds longer than the Red - essential we don't have a Gold course.  Chad and I have set up 5 new teeing areas for the Gold tees.  We mowed down temporary tees on 1,4,15,16 and 18.  The Gold course is now playing at 5,700yds.  If all goes well, we may build tees in the future, near these areas.  This will give us a Red course at 5,300yds, Gold at 5,700, White at 6,400 and Blue at 6,850.  We will then eliminate the White/Gold course.