Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goose repellent

During the summer we used mono-filament line around to the river to deter geese from coming up the river banks and feeding on the golf course.  This worked very well during the summer months.  Over the course of the fall the geese starting flying over the line.  We took the line down to prevent a big mess in the event we had a flood this winter, so we needed something else to deter the geese.  Enter our 24/7 guard dogs:

I have seen these before and have heard they work if you keep moving them.  This particular brand was brought to my attention by one of our members.  This silhouette will spin and wobble in the wind, tricking the geese into thinking it is a live dog.  If we keep moving them around the area (every 2 days), the geese won't realize that they are not real dogs.  We have put up 3 of them around holes 8 and 9.