Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ash trees

Dying Ash tree in front of #7 tee.  One of the many Ash trees that will be removed.

Today, we took an inventory on the Ash trees that will need to be removed this winter.  We counted 21 Ash that are dead or significantly declined.  We will be removing these trees this winter.

Every spring we treat a portion of the Ash trees with an insecticide that helps slow the decline of the Ash.  It seems even though we treat the trees, they eventually die off.  The question has been raised if we could save money by not treating them since they are going to die anyway.  The answer on this is we could, but we probably won't be able to afford the removal cost if every Ash on the property died this year.  Therefore we must treat some of the Ash trees to slow the decline and take an extended removal approach.

This winter, our horticulturist Tim Stumpp and myself will be reviewing the entire property and determine where a significant number of trees will be lost in the coming years.  We will then construct a tree planting plan that will be implemented as the Ash trees die off.