Saturday, June 16, 2012

Verticutting fairways

You may have noticed that the fairways have a "grain", or that the grass is laid over and not very upright.  You probably noticed it driving through the fairway and your cart is moving from side to side with the grain of the grass.  This was caused by years of mowing the fairways in the same direction.  The grass is now permanently laid over in the direction it was cut.  This past week the Grounds crew verticut all of the fairways to 1. Chop off some off the long runners in the grass and 2. Stand up the grass and mow it off the produce a tighter cut.  We will do this from time to time as weather allows ( I wouldn't do this above 80 degrees).  Over the years, I hope to eliminate this grain, if it is possible, and produce a tighter fairway that won't pull at your club if your going against the grain.

Triplex with the verticut reels on the fairway, standing up the grass to be mowed off.

The fairways look good from a distance.

But when you get closer and take a look, the grass is laid over and very long.  This is how long the fairways actually are, about rough height, they are just laid over.