Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fallen tree

Last week Monday, the Cherry Tree near #11 approach fell to the ground.  The grounds crew was aerifying #11 green at the time and watched it go down.  One crew member being only 10 yards away.

We have been watching the tree closely.  Those of you that take notice of such things saw the large crack that was running up the base of the tree.  This crack was getting longer and wider.  Considering this tree was also leaning heavily in one direction, we new it wouldn't last long.  I put rope and stake around the tree on Saturday, not wanting anyone to get hurt when it did come down, and planned to take it down the following week.  We never had the chance to take it down.  Some say that a tree like this can stand for quite some time yet.  Yes they can, but why take the chance?  I'm glad no one got hurt.